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How Does This Work?

We have compiled a list of questions and answers to common questions that we feel explain the system and how it works the best. Please read these frequently asked questions first then if you still have any other questions feel free to call us at 1-800-351-3301 M-F 9AM-5PM EST.

Q. Is there any cost to the organization to use this fundraising system?
A. No, we charge nothing at all to use the system. We set things up for free, multiple fundraising websites are still free. Ongoing operation of the fund raiser pages costs nothing either.

Q. Can an organization set up one site as a pure fundraising site and another as a thank you for its volunteers?

A. Yes, but they need to be set up separately. Many charity organizations like to set up their fundraising site so that be benefits get split between the organization and the user, but also set up a site where the charity receives all of the money available if the user decides to donate their portion as a part of the fundraiser project.

Q. When does the organization get the money rasied and how does it arrive?

A. At the end of each month, our parent corporation, Financial Firebird, completes the accounting for the previous month and distributes checks from fundraiser efforts through the US postal service. Fundraising checks should arrive between the 15th and 30th of the following month.

Q. Can any organization or group enroll to raise money using the software?
A. As long as their agenda does not include hate, violence or illegal activity. Groups using the Fund Raiser Idea sites can include charity organizations, schools or school groups, sports teams, church groups, membership organizations, unions, kids groups and more.

Q. I see you have place for a website, what if our organization does not have one?
A. We can make a basic site for you for free.

Q. Do you need to be an official 501c3 non-profit organization to use these sites as fundraisers?

A. No, any good cause may apply.

Q. Do our patrons need to do anything special in order to generate donations to our organization?
A. It depends on the fundraising site. For example, using our Hotel Deals site donations flow to the organization automatically, at our Ticket Deals fundraiser site the user must enter the proper code at checkout, but the code automatically appears on the site, while for other sites like the Online Shopping Deals site the user must submit a form to insure the fundraising check gets processed.

Q. If choosing a rebate does it work the same way?
A. No, all rebates must start with a rebate form, no rebates get processed automatically.

Q. What kind of prices will the users of the site get?
A. Prices should be lower or equal to other online vendors in the same industry. For tickets we generally beat others in the secondary market even before taking into account the rebate or donation benefits, but remember these are secondary markets tickets so they may sell for more than face value and come with service charges.

Q. Are users restricted to a small number of hotels or tickets or sales items when using the free fundraising sites?
A. No the offerings available generally include a very wide range of options.

Q. Are there other benefits to people who buy products using the fundraiser sites?
A. For several of the sites people get added benefits such as additional discounts or restaurant coupons for using the site and helping to fund raise for your organization.

Q. What does an organization need to get started?
A. Go to our fundraising enrollment page and sign up, you will need your organization’s basic information and a 125x125 graphic or logo. We suggest you also have a website with a direct donation page, if needed we can make all of these items for you, often at no charge.

Q. Once the fundraising sites go live will the money start to flow automatically?
A. No, while everything will flow automatically, you should not figure people will visit the sites unless you direct them there. Some people may think once a site goes live on the internet people magically learn about it and flock there, but it does not work like that. Your sucess will be tied to your own promotion of the sites.

Q. How can we get people to our fundraising sites?
A. Let potential donors know about your fundraiser sites in your emails, newsletters, social media, meetings and any other communications you may have with those who have an interest in your organization. Let them know they are free to spread the word to friends, family, co-workers or anyone.

Q. Is there any limit as to how much we can fundraise using the system?

A. No, you will be limited only by a lack of effort to promote your fundraising site.

Q. Will people be able to search for the site if they forget our special URL?
A. Yes, they should be able to find your sites if they use enough specific keywords in their search once the search engines discover it, which will take some time initially.

Q. Does my organization need to be some minimum size to use the fundraising system?
A. No, even very small local community organizations are welcome to raise money using the system.

Q. Does my organization need to be from a particular place?
A. No, charity groups or organizations from anywhere in the world may use the fundraiser sites, but some benefits only offer options in the United States, such as the specific restaurants participating in the $25 dinner certificate deal.

Q. How do the tickets get delivered?
A. It depends on what buyers select when they purchase tickets. They may get them mailed, shipped next day, pick them up at the box office or sometimes even print them.

Q. Do we need to raise a certain minimum amount for a check to issue?
A. Yes, any donations under $25 will be saved on your behalf until you are due a check of $25 or more at which time we will mail it out. In these cases we will email a statement for you to see the pending donations under $25.

Q. Can a for-profit business use the system as a customer appreciation tool?

A. Not here, for-profit businesses will be able to access a similar system at soon; but for-profit businesses are more than welcome to use the system here to raise money on behalf of their favorite cause.

Q.How can we aid charity groups in getting donations using the system?
A. Let people know it exists. Include the details in emails, flyers and any correspondence to your patrons and contributors, put links on your website, write about it in blogs and personal pages.

Q. Can you help choose which plan I should select?
A. With a pure donation plan you need an audience of people who want to help your organization without reward. This works best for charities and organizations looking for participation from existing contributors or members. A shared benefit plan provides a reason for people who may not have donated to your group before to help you raise money because they get a direct benefit as well. Often charity groups make a split donation site along with a full donation site more generous patrons can opt to use. The customer, member, volunteer or patron appreciation option should be thought of as a gift or thank you gesture and not necessarily a fundraising tool itself.

Q. Can I talk to someone to find out more information?

A. Sure, call our corporate parent, Financial Firebird Corporation, toll free at 1-800-351-3301.


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